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What You Need to Know About Getting a Dental Crown in Hermitage, TN

What you need to know about getting a dental crown in Hermitage, TN

Life happens, and as hard as you may try to keep up with your dental health, something may happen that damages your tooth. Whether your tooth is severely weakened from tooth decay or chipped from a sports injury, there is a solution that doesn’t involve a tooth extraction or dental implant surgery: dental crowns. Getting […]

Emergency Dental Services and Same-Day Crowns

Emergency Dental Services and Same-Day Crowns

Dental emergencies and same-day crowns often go hand in hand. Although not all dental emergencies lead to the placement of a dental crown, many dental issues are successfully resolved by affixing a dental crown to the top of a damaged or faulty tooth.  Does your current condition constitute a dental emergency?  To help you determine […]

Which Is Better: Same-Day Crowns or Traditional Crowns?

what’s the difference between same-day crowns and traditional crowns?

Oh no, the unthinkable happened! You broke a tooth! Now what? When you break a tooth, regardless whether it is a front tooth or a back tooth, you want it to be fixed quickly. A dental crown helps restore the broken tooth and gives you a complete smile once more. Before you actually need a […]

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